Baidyanath Amla Juice Review

Amla Juice is only vitamin-c product having the capability to reverse grey hair to natural hair color along with it also act as anti-aging formula.

Amla Juice is also helpful in treating cold and cough while helpful in maintaining cholesterol levels.

Baidyanath Amla Juice is a product of 100% pure extract of Amla. It contains a great extent vitamin C and antioxidants which promotes hair quality and healthy skin.

While acting as anti aging formula, Baidyanath Amla Juice also helps in providing many benefits like helping in weight loss, healthy eyes and maintaining good vision and beautiful skin

How To Intake


you can take upto 20-30 ml with one glass of water empty stomach every morning.

How To Intake

It has tangy and sour taste. You are advised not take anything for about 1 hour in order to let the product do its work.

How To Intake

You can also add honey or salt to change its taste. While I just love to take it as it is, if you take it with honey, it will benefit you even more.

Major Pros

Best amla juice brand, Made up of 100% pure amla, Great quality, Immediate effects, Great for skin, hair, Immunity booster, Collagen booster


Some may not like the taste but its not something you can’t consume. I like the taste of it, Price is a bit high. But its immediate effect cover up that