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Deewal Indigo Powder For Herbal Hair Dye Review


Deewal Indigo Powder For herbal hair Dye Review

I know there are lot of people who are not even 25 having grey/white hair. Some have few strands all over, some have more. Some have many strands but just around one place, like in instance, me!. Just above my forehead Ihave got some grey hair strands and it feels so embarrassing when they show up.

But no matter what I am really trying to get rid of them. But in mean time, I also dont want it to show up, nor I want to use any color on it.

So if use Henna powder, they make it appear orangish red. I hate that color plus it looks pathetic. So what I am gonna do?

Thats when I found out about Indigo Powder. I have bought many indigo powders. But not all of them gives the dye that perfect.

Indigo powder is made from 100% natural indigo leaves, just as henna made of henna leaves. Except, Indigo leaves give greenish blue color. It depends on quality. Some times they give purple color. But it doesn’t matter because when you apply it after dyeing your hair with henna, it makes your grey hair look dark brown, brown or black. Better than those harch chemicals.


This products claims that-

“This Indigo powder is made from orgainic indigo plants. This indigo powder is 100% natural and chemical free way to color hair light black when used with henna powder. It covers greys, volumizes hair strands and nourishes the hair. Indigo when cobined with henna is a safe and effective method to color hair light black without using chemicals.”


Two packs of Indigo leaves powder


Take one pack out. Take out the required quantity of indigo leaves powder in a glass or iron bowl. Mix it with lukewarm water. Mix it will untill all clumps are dissoved. Keep it as its for 4-5 minutes just to amke sure that it has combined with water well and ready to leave it dye. Just after that time, without wasting any time, apply the paste on your henna dyed hair. Leave it on for 45-60 min then rinse off without using shampoo.

Deewal Indigo Powder For herbal hair Dye Review
Deewal Indigo Powder For herbal hair Dye Review
Deewal Indigo Powder For herbal hair Dye Review

Deewal Indigo Powder For herbal hair Dye Review

Caution:- Make sure you don’t have any oil residue in your hair. To make sure of it, you can wash your hair a day before applying indigo powder paste.

Also Do Not mix anything in indigo powder as it won’t leave its dye.


This products comes in a white carton box containing two packs of containing indigo powder. Unlike other indigo powders, I like this one more. The reason is basically of indigo powder contacts with air, it gets oxidized and turn into little greyish color and doesn’t leave it dye than.

Deewal Indigo Powder For herbal hair Dye Review

Its good thing that you have only half of the pack is opened and other is fully sealed and packed.


The Texture of Deewal Indigo Powder is same as anybothe henna only its color is bright green while henna is a little dark green. Also henna is easy to soak up. Well indigo powder take a bit time like 1-2 min extra to get mix up.

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My way to go is applying henna in the morning like upto 10 am. Then I wash ut off. My grey hair becomes orangish red. Then I wait for like 3-4 hours that the the henna color gets dark a bit. After that I mix up indigo powder and apply it on my hair as soon as possible. I keep it for at least one hour. Then I wash it off.

After that my hair looks little brownish, not completely black nor brown. So I waited for next day then it turned brown. I think I need to reapply it again. Next time I will try mixing it with henna to see what kind of color does it give.

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PRICE: Got it for INR 130 on local store. But on Amazon, it is available at INR 120.



Yes definitely. I am also trying other indigo powders until I get the best one. I’ll keep updating the reviews so, stay connected.

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So, I want to you all to try this one instead of coloring chemicals into your hair to get natural colors. It’s got some nice reviews on amazon too. Subscribe to my blog, if you want to go deep into this one and find the best one with me.

Love you all..

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