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Premature Gray Hair Treatment and Home Remedies

Premature Greying of Hair – Causes and Home Remedies

Premature Greying of hair- Cause and Natural treatment (home remedies)

Premature Greying of hair- Cause and Natural treatment (home remedies)

Hello friends,

Welcome to my new post on Premature Gray Hair Treatment and Home Remedies . Today’s post is all about Premature graying of hair, causes of premature graying of hair and natural treatment and home remedies to prevent premature graying of hair from happening.

There are lot of causes of premature grey hair like stress, poor lifestyle and diet, pollution.

This might not seem a serious problem at all but it might slowly increase and you will wish you had taken care of premature gray hair earlier.
That is why I am here with some home remedies that are proven to be effective to treat that stubborn premature greying of hair.

There was a time when greying of hair start at the age of 35-40 years. But, in today’s hectic schedule, problem of premature greying of hair has been started in teenagers and 20’s.

Before We Start

The home remedies for premature greying of hair at home given below are some of the famous remedies. I am not a medical practitioner but a victim.
I also have grey hair and I am not even 30 and I have a done a lot of research about it, so, general home remedies have no side effects, but the tablets and multivitamins supplements are to be taken only as per the guidelines by a doctor.

Causes of Premature Gray Hair

  • Increased pitta dosha:– Anyone knowing Ayurveda knows what pitta is, or you can check this link to find out what pitta is and what is your dosha. Hot natured food increases pitta. Pitta in general means heat. When the heat is increased in our body, it directly affects hair and it makes our body age fast, starting with premature greying of hair .
  • Genetics:-If parents have the genes that causes early grey hairs, children is most likely to get that problem, so there is nothing that can be done to prevent it, but still you can consult doctor.
  • Bad Nutrition:-Poor nutrition is one of the causes of premature greying of hair. Deficiency of vitamin B-12 and B-5, zinc, iron, copper, vitamin E, protein and blood (Anaemia) also causes premature grey hair.
  • Stress:- Stress causes hormonal imbalances in the body like thyroid and pituitary imbalance that causes premature grey hair.
  • Pollution:-The environment today isn’t good for us. Water pollution, pesticides used in the food we eat, polluted air etc cause various hair problems.
  • Smoking:-In a study it has been found that people who smoke have grey hair at double fast rate than those who don’t.
  • Chemicals:-Use of chemical dyes, specially containing ammonia and Hydroperoxide causes grey hair.

Natural Treatment and Home Remedies for Premature gray Hair

Following are some the famous hair greying home remedies.

Amla (Indian Gooseberry Oil)

Amla oil is a blessing oil for premature greying of hair but check ingredients list on the oil bottle before buying it as many companies use mineral oil as a base which is very harmful for hair. It must be either coconut oil or sesame oil (commonly used).

The best way to get benefits of an amla is consuming the green amla (raw amla) directly empty stomach every morning specially in winter season as it is the amla season. Amla can be consumed as juice or powder and it will give you the same benefit.
Take one spoon of amla juice and aloe vera juice each, add it in the 1/3 glass of water and drink it in the morning empty stomach. Do not consume anything after that for at least one hour. Green Amla is Rambana for hair growth and hair problems.

If you want, you can go on purchasing bhringraj hair oil.

Bhringraj Hair Oil

Ayurvedic Bhringraj oil is a medicinal oil specially made for premature gray hair and baldness. Amla and this hair oil is considered as a hair miracle in India. Bhringraj, aka King of Hair, helps to calm pitta dosh which is the main reason for all the hair problems. It works wonder for hair. My doctor suggested it for me and I am using it regularly for two months. Massage with it, leave it overnight and wash it next morning with a mild shampoo.

I thinkthe best way is to eat consume amla as food, juice or rasayan and use Bhringraj oil as massaging oil.

Coconut oil+ curry leaves

As you might know already that a good quality coconut oil is best for your hair. Among the carrier oils, coconut oil is considered as the best oil for hair health as it can be mixed with any other oil or ingredient/herb to increase the quality. In India, specially in South India, curry leaves are famous as hair growth booster. For this recipe:

Take oil in a bowl as per hair length and add curry leaves of 2 stalks to it. Boil it on low flame in a pan. When leaves turned brown, turn off the gas and massage it onto your scalp while its still warm enough. Leave it overnight or for at least one hour then wash off.
You can even made paste of leaves and then boil it into coconut oil.
Curry leaves have the essential element called melanin which gives dark color to the hair.

Coconut oil+ Lemon juice

For this recipe, warm coconut oil a bit. Add 1 tspoon of lemon juice to it and apply onto scalp. Leave the oil for 30-45 minutes and then wash it off with mild shampoo. Use it twice a week for best results.

Yoga and Exercise

Blood Circulation is crucial for hair concerns like premature gray hair. A simple 5 steps of pranayamwill solve many problems in addition to the hair, whether its baldness, greying, hairfall, eyes, heart and many other. Exercise make your blood flow which results in proper nutrition to all the area of the body. For all hair problems, dopranayamin the morning,sarvangasna or sheershasna(only one) andrubbing the back of your nailstogether.
For men, rub nails of all the five fingers and for women, rub nails of four fingers only,do not rub your thumb as it will grow hair on your moustache and beard.

Yoga poses for hair growth or yoga for alopecia areata are- Pranayam, Kapalabhati, Balasana, Sarvangasna, Sheershasna, matsyaasna, Parvatasna, Adho Mukha Svanasana etc.


Add green vegetables to your diet like spinach, kale, cucumber, french beans etc rich in vitamins. Also, eat all kind of fresh veggies like onion, tomato, radish etc.

Multivitamin tablets

Th deficiencies of any vitamin like vitamin B-6, B-12, biotin, vitamin D, or vitamin E can contribute to premature graying. You can take multivitamins tablets containing copper, zinc, iron and magnesium and vitamin B-complex and B-12, after consulting a doctor, of course. Theses are the vital vitamin to reduce gray hair.

Kesh Rasayan (By Shree Nityanandam ji)

this is a natural or Ayurvedic premature greying of hair treatment. For this you need, 100 gms of amla powder, Bhringraj powder (or dried leaves) , black sesame seeds and mishri (Avoid if diabetic patient) each. Mix them and consume one spoon of this in morning and evening and do not eat anything for one hour after this. Do it for 3 months. If it doesn’t work then leave it for 15 days and again start it for 3 months.
This rasayan is also mentioned in ayurveda. It has shown the great results to the people who have used it.


If you really want to reverse your grey hair, then you have to adopt a good lifestyle. Follow these recommendations to prevent greying of hair.

  • First thing, pacify your pitta dosha if it is increased. Take the dosha test on the link above I have mention in the cause section (you can simply google ‘online dosha test’) and find out) . Avoid junk food, hot natured and fast food, eat only home cooked food.
  • Apply fresh aloe vera juice+vitamin e capsule pack once a week, lets say sunday.
  • Reduce mental stress and try to be happy.
  • Drink 8-10 glass of water daily.
  • If you are vegetarian, then include milk to your diet. Milk has almost every vitamins and minerals which is present in all the non veg food. So drink milk if you do not want to have a deficiency of any vital vitamins.
  • Do exercise and yoga everyday.
  • Avoid coffee, tea and hot natured food kike red chilly powder and sour and acidic food like pickle. However, you can eat amla pickle.
  • Quit smoking
  • Always use a mild shampoo. They are bit expensive. But do not worry. You can always make your shampoo mild. What you have to do is mix the required quantity of shampoo with water and mix it properly then apply. When you direct apply a shampoo, hatch chemicals present in it make you scalp dry which is the main reason of premature greying of hair

Note: You can pick any remedy to follow but massaging with oil is necessary. You can pick any oil from the 4 of above, or mix them in equal quantities then apply. It will still work. But make sure except for 7 and 8 point, do these remedies for long period, at least for one year, maximum for whole life. Premature grey hair take long period to turn. For that you have to be consistent. The longer you’ll try, the longer your hair will stay healthy. These are not just remedies, but a lifestyle. If the problem persists, you can take premature grey hair treatment from a good dermatologist.

Please try it and share your reviews with me in comments.

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