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Bella Vita Organic EyeLift Eye Cream Gel Review

Bella Vita Organic EyeLift Eye Cream Gel Review

Bella Vita Organic EyeLift Eye Cream Gel Review

Hi everyone.


Today I would like share my review of Bella Vita Organic EyeLift Eye Cream Gel. This is the first product from Bella Vita I have been using.

In last blog about, I reviewed Mamaearth’s Under eye cream which didn’t work out as expected. So I tried Eyelift eye cream to see if this one works.

Our skin around the eyes is really delicate, soft and prone to mould. Some people shows almost no emotions at all just because they don’t get wrinkle and fine lines.

Well, all of us cannot do that always, Right?

In order to keep our eyes healthy and young, we need take good care of that particular area.

You can use eye creams and serums so as to maintain the health of the skin.

Bella Vita EyeLift Under Eye Cream Gelis specially designed for the sensitive under-eye area that helps repair dark circles and reduce puffy eyes. It also acts as an anti-aging gel that reduces fine lines & wrinkles. The light-weight texture makes it non-sticky & doesn’t irritate the eye.

That is why I wanted to give Bella Vita a try.

Lets review Eyelift eye cream together.

Bella Vita Organic EyeLift Eye Cream Gel Review

Product Description

  • Reduces dark circles, dullness and puffy eyes. Curated with natural cucumber extract, tulsi, jojoba oil, almond oil & pure aloe-vera gel, meant for everyday use.
  • Gives a soothing effect and cools your under-eye area for better blood circulation and reduction of dark circles.
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Gentle and cool to the skin
  • Moisturizes the undereye skin
  • Cruelty- free product

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Full Ingredients

Aqua, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Cucumber Extract, Jojoba, Vitamin E, Glycerine, Almond, Wheat Germ Oil, Basil Extract, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate.

Bella Vita Organic EyeLift Eye Cream Gel Review

How To Use

Bella Vita Organic EyeLift Eye Cream Gel Review


I loved the packaging of Bella Vita Organic Eyelift Under Eye Cream.

Bella Vita Organic EyeLift Eye Cream Gel Review

It comes in a tiny glass container having a white plasstic screw cap. When empty, glass containers can be reuse according to the need like for keeping homemade DIYs. Eco friendly packaging helps in avoiding plastic pollution.

My Experience with Bella Vita Organic Eyelift Under Eye Cream

The Eyelift eye cream comes in light greenish color and with a texture of thick consistency gel. It has a pleasant fragrance of its prime ingredients i.e. cucumber and aloe which is, at the same time not so overwhelming as it fades away as soon as applied.

This under eye cream gets absorbed into the skin quickly. Only a little quantity of it is required and after application, the Eyelift leaves a smooth and supple skin around eye area.

This can also applied before makeup as it sets right into the skin without making it greasy. I have used Eyelift under eye cream for more than two months and it did a great deal of goodness for my eyes. So, I am really happy with this under eye cream.

After Effect Experience

I applied it twice a day. when I apply this gel, it gives a cooling sensation around the eye area. It soothes the skin as the skin receives full hydration from the gel. I really love this sensation. To enhance it, I kept the cream in refrigerator so the gel remain extra cool.


As soon as Eyelift gel is applied, you can feel the tiredness is just gone. it helps to rejuvenate the area around your exhausted eyes by reducing tiredness.

So to sum it all up, Bella Vita Eyelift under eye cream gel helps in reducing the puffiness and fine lines around the eyes. It also help to soothe the dry under area by properly moisturizing the under eye skin.

As far as dark circles concerned, Eyelift under eye cream gel has done better than any other cream, for me at least, but I have not so deep dark circles. If you have deep dark circles, you have to take extra care for your eyes and you might have to use this cream longer to see any difference.

I never felt any kind of irritation while using Eyelift gel cream. Of all the under eye cream I have used, Bella Vita Eyelift under eye gel cream is the one I loved the most and considering buy it again.

I would definitely recommend this eye cream.


Rs 499 for 20 gms.


Bella Vita and various other online stores.

Shelf life

18 months

RPR Rating


Stay well! Stay Beautiful!

Have you guys used Bella Vita Organic Eyelift Under Eye Cream Gel or any other its Product ? How was your experience? Tell me in the comment section below.

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