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Stop Hair fall and Hair Loss- Regrow Hair Naturally

Stop Hair fall and Hair Loss- Regrow Hair Naturally

Hair problems are too much these days whether it be hair fall, hair loss, baldness, hair breakage, etc. I have my space in Quora, and people keep requesting me to answer their questions. And 90% of those questions were about either hair loss or hair fall and both. I never got tired answering you guys, but I was tired this time of answering that again and again.

So, I thought I should post a full article about it, what is hair fall and hair loss?

Why it happens?

what can be solution to hair fall/hair loss?

What are the remedies or natural treatment for hair fall/hair loss.

Keep reading to know how to Stop Hair fall and Hair Loss and also how to Regrow Hair Naturally.

Why Hair fall happens?

Our hair falls due to a number of reasons mainly stress, genetics, hormonal imbalances, medication, thyroid disorders, nutritional deficiency, diet and lifestyle etc.

When hair keep falling and doesn’t regrow back, this condition becomes hair loss and in severe cases baldness around temples, crown and middle areas of head can be seen, which definitely increases the stress level in victim’s mind.

How To Stop Hair fall and Hair Loss and Regrow Hair Naturally

Of course. The earth is called mother nature for a reason. Ayurveda says there are many natural ingredients that can help you solve many of your problems. Here, we are talking about hair problems. And here is what we can do about it:

Amla (aka Indian Gooseberry)

Stop Hair fall and Hair Loss- Regrow Hair Naturally

Have hair loss, premature greying etc.? Does your skin look dull and uneven? Is your vision constantly decreasing?

Panacea for all these problems= Amla

Amla is known for its amazing anti-aging properties. It is cold in nature hence helps hair to get it health back. Everyone knows what heat does to hair. Hence consuming amla really helps hair to get shine, strong and darker color back.

You can consume amla empty stomach as it works best and fast like that.

Me personally, take 30 ml of Baidyanath Amla juice every morning with warm water. And after that avoid consuming anything (not even tea) for at least one hour. Let the amla do its work.

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Aloe vera Juice

Aloe vera juice is also great ingredient for hair problems. It helps in removing dandruff and other hair problems like frizzy hair, static hair etc. Best way you use it is to consume it every morning empty stomach. If you are taking amla juice or any other juice, drink it after one hour.

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Massaging your scalp

Regular massaging of hair with carrier oils with or without diluting essential oil 2-3 times a week can help boost the blood circulation. And blood pumped in the head provide necessary mineral and vitamin to scalp and hair and also what is present in the oil.

Regular Hair care Routine

For proper health of hair, proper hair care regime is necessary. My hair care regime includes oiling, cleansing and conditioner (occasionally!!) 2-3 times a week.

Also use a herbal hair shampoo. What i use read here

Eating Fresh

Eating only fresh foods or Satvik food can help your body to keep the inner pitta minimal which the exact reason for hair concerns. Avoid stale food.

Avoid Pitta Aggravated Food

Do not intake food that causes inner pitta to aggravate. Hot natured food like tea, coffee, cold drinks, processed and fast food, etc. Add raw foods, fresh food etc.

Curry Leaves

Curry leaves have the properties that can provide your hair the best health and lead to hair growth. Rich in antioxidants and proteins, they help to neutralize the free radicals and keep your hair healthy and strong and maintain the natural color of hair.


Yoga provides pure oxygen to the blood that goes through whole body and helps to reach the scalp hence improving blood circulation in that particular area. If you don’t have the time for yoga, no worries, you can always do 2-3 yoga or any of them which are specially meant for hair problems. They are: –

  • Pranayam
  • Sheershasana/Sarvangasna
  • Balayam (specially for baldness)
  • Parvatasna

These are proven effective yoga posture for hair growth. Try it out at home twice a day.


  • Rough handling of your hair
  • Combing harshly and using a wrong comb
  • Washing your hair without oiling first
  • Using chemical shampoos
  • Combing wet hair
  • Getting stress.

For oiling, the best oils are Coconut oil, sesame oil, olive oil and sweet almond oil. These are the best oil with coconut oil at number 1 as it has abundance of vitamin E. Use these pure.

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