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Just Herbs Pomegranate Toner Review

just herbs pomegranate toner review

Just Herbs Pomegranate Toner Review

Just Herbs Pore Refining Toner with Pomegranate and Mandarin Review: Hey guys! Welcome to my blog and here I am with Just Herbs Toner with Pomegranate and Mandarin orange as its hero ingredients and is specifically made suitable for oily skin and combination skin. The Just herbs pomegranate toner is considered one of the best just herbs products and lets find out why.

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About Just Herbs Pomegranate Toner

Just Herbs Pomegranate Mandarin Pore Refining Tonique alcohol-free formula that is ideal for oily/combination skin types with visible pores. This just herbs toner is a nourishing blend of the steam distilled waters of mandarin-traditionally used in Ayurveda for a variety of skin benefits-and Pomegranate extract-a natural astringent that helps loosen and minimize the appearance of skin pores and orange peel and bitter orange essential oil impart anti-microbial properties to this product and help acne-prone skin guard against infections from pollutants, dust, and grime. Just Herb’s facial toners are free from alcohol making them gentle to use without stripping the skin of their natural oils.

Why use Just Herbs Pomegranate Toner?

Pomegranate Mandarin Pore Refining Tonic helps minimize skin pores, tone, and nourish skin, impart a lively glow, and make skin look healthy and refreshed. It’s not only gentle but also highly effective in promoting skin hydration while reducing irritation and inflammation, keeping your skin soft, supple, and smooth. This herbal tonic is free from petrochemicals, parabens, SLS/SLES PEG/PPG, genetically modified ingredients (GMO), and other harmful synthetic ingredients.

just herbs pomegranate toner review

Features and Benefits of Just Herbs Pomegranate Toner

Following are the benefits claimed by Just herbs toner to provide:

  • Refines, Tightens, and tones skin
  • Hydrate & Moisturise
  • Pores Tightening
  • Instantly Refreshes
  • Pore refining properties
  • Suitable for oily to combination skin
  • Soothes Irritated Skin
  • Does not dry out the skin
  • Alcohol-Free, and a Vegan skin product
  • Free from petrochemicals, Parabens, SLS/SLES PEG/PPG, genetically modified ingredients (GMO), and other harmful synthetic ingredients

Which Skin is it Suitable for?

This Just Herbs Toner is ideal for oily/combination skin types with visible pores which I got a lot due to my earlier carelessness regarding skin.

Ingredients in Just Herbs Pomegranate Toner

Following are the key ingredients in this Just Herbs Toner namely:

Pomegranate: A natural astringent that helps minimize the appearance of enlarged pores.

Mandarin Orange: An amazing source of Vitamin C, loaded with antioxidant properties that tighten & brighten the skin.

Tulsi: Cleanses dirt & grime from the pores & its healing properties soothe irritated skin.

Full List of Ingredients: Certified Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Certified Organic Veg. Glycerine, Bitter Orange Peel Ext., Citrus Medica Peel Ext., Steam Distilled Orange Blossom Water, Pomegranate Ext., Bitter Orange Essential Oil, Himalayan Wild Cherry Ext., Indian Senna Ext.

just herbs pomegranate toner review

How to Use Just Herbs Pomegranate Toner

Pour a small amount of this facial toner on a cotton ball and gently wipe it over your face avoiding the eye area or you can just spray toner on your face and wait for a couple of minutes.

After applying toner, give your face a few moments to dry before using moisturizer or other treatment products like serum and moisturizers/sunscreens

My Experience with Just Herbs Pomegranate Toner

I bought a Just Herbs Pomegranate Toner trial pack a few weeks ago and I am continuously using this facial toner twice a day.

Let us talk about this Just Herbs Toner for oily skin and combination skin step by step.

Packaging, Texture, and Consistency

Just Herbs Pomegranate Toner comes in a transparent spray bottle with a translucent cap. The toner comes out through the spray opening. When this bottle was full, it used to leak out the toner a little but not anymore and as I am using this trial pack, I can’t say whether the full pack shuts tightly, I just hope it does. The packaging is overall convenient and easy to use as it’s a spray bottle. No more spilling wastage on cotton pads.

just herbs pomegranate toner review

The bottle contains full information on its label regarding its claims, ingredients, how to use this pomegranate toner for the face, etc.

The texture and the consistency of this Just Herbs toner are very much like any other toner- watery and translucent light amber color. This Just Herbs toner has a mild fruity fragrance, hence does not irritate sensitive noses.

just herbs pomegranate toner review

My skin type? Combination skin

I have a combination skin type which becomes dry in winter and sweaty and oily in summer along with some large pores which means you’ve got to change your skin care products throughout the year.


I applied Just Herbs toner on my face after using Just Herbs Face Wash. This Just Herbs toner is good at removing any excess oil and residue left from the face clean off. Sometimes, I use it with cotton ball, while other times I just spray it on my face directly as a mist which feels so refreshing with cooling sensation, but then it would it take time to dry out, so I just use my palms to absorb into my skin and then it would just dry out quickly.

I have a combination skin type and never got any break-outs or burning sensations at all while using this Just Herbs toner.

I had some pimples on my face, just some tiny pimples, one or two, and after using this Just Herb toner, I did not get any acne or pimples anymore and earlier ones were just gone in a week. This face toner is a great choice for oily and acne-prone skin as it is a natural vegan product and the smell does not bother.

Though, it made my skin a bit dry as this toner is great at removing excess oil from the face and I am using this toner in winter, so I think dry skin people should avoid it in winter.


This Just Herbs Toner does well for my combination skin. The only thing I miss is glow as I just felt no glow on my skin as I do when I use any other face toner and did not see any reduction in facial open pores. It keeps showing, though, I only used a trial pack of this Just Herbs toner, so may be it takes some more time to work with glow.


When I was looking for Just Herbs Toner, I looked for just herbs review on many sites and found no bad reviews on this face toner. Some reviewers also said that this toner is one of the best just herbs products and that people with sensitive skin loved it, so I think, it might be a great choice for sensitive skin too, and I think that Just Herbs toner is free of side effects but not 100% sure as it itself gives that a patch test can be done if you are allergic to any ingredient present in this toner.

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Pros and Cons of Just Herbs Pomegranate Toner


  • Helps loosen and minimize the appearance of skin pores
  • Helps remove the last traces of dirt, grime, and impurities stuck in your pores
  • Helps maintain the natural oil of the skin
  • Helps tone and refresh skin
  • Helps nourish and hydrate skin
  • Alcohol-Free Formula
  • Free of harmful chemicals
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Mild natural fragrance
  • No side effects


  • Did not feel any glow on my skin
  • Not a perfect toner for winter for dry and combination skin

Price of Just Herbs Pomegranate Toner

100 ml for ₹ 545.00

RPR Rating

4/5 stars


Just Herbs

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